You Are Here: New York City Streets in Poetry


Editors: Peggy Garrison, Victoria Hallerman & David Quintavalle
164 pages, 5 b/w illustrations 2006

‘It’s a collection that has the feel of the classic old-time New York City bookstore, where the floorboards creak, the springs in the overstuffed chair in the corner by the radiator gave out in 1962, and the books are delicious enough to make you spend all your lunch money on them. In other words, this book is steeped in atmosphere.’ —Home Planet News review

All five boroughs are represented by over 60 poets. Lighthearted or sober at times the authors explore the sense of neighborhood, or their feelings of nostalgia, loss or discovery. While taking the streets as its subject this collection ends up being about the people who walk them.

‘Put on your sneakers and head for the streets!’

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