Calling all contributors

Hello contributors to P & Q Press anthologies and chapbooks. For the new website I’d like to get some new poems from all of you to feature on the poetry page.
Cut and paste into an email on the contact page and I’ll post the poem. Also, please let me know when you have new publications that I can blog about.


  1. abdellah akhdi says:

    Peggy was a humanitarian before being a educator , a real artist writer , all what she wanted to have peaceful life and to continue her contribution with love and care to the world . Since two years in hospital. regarding her difficult to keep her ability up , which she did fought for , just to be able to keep her ink flow in river since she was born for .
    It is a great loss to all who admired her ,especially to the world for her contribution literary . Her honesty , kindness and love for humanity . Peggy will be missed dearly from all people who knows her value , especially East End Temple , close friends and All student and her husband forever .

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