From Connections: New York City Bridges in Poetry

Poets House Walk

Across Brooklyn in a city dense
with watery dreams, a procession
of crazy lovers strike out
to hear poetry recited mid-span.
The hum of traffic, an appreciative
audience roars approval.

Toward DUMBO* through the mist
poets, strivers, drivers, divers
graying groupies, gropers hoof it
to see hundred year old Kunitz carouse.

We stalk poetry across the bridge
in a town distracted, manufacturing
your next thrill, and your next.

But the jig was up. It rained.
All readings canceled.

Bicycle tires tharumped over
old pocked, trampled wood.
Rush of water slapped girders
shivers of bridge as the last wet drop
shattered metal decking.

Finally, the rain gave up and
there was June light, shadow slant
wide angles of cable, long stripes
falling across beaten planks
a gorgeous geometry,
engineering, poetry and the wonder
of holding things aloft.

Joan Gelfand



  1. Beautiful

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