After Midnight

Author: Robert Ghiradella
Cover photograph: R Ghiradella
ISBN 1-893068-04-8

23 Pages

With pinpoint accuracy Ghiradella’s poems dissect a moment, a memory a character or some bit of nature.

Each short poem asks to be read several times so that we can be sure we’ve absorbed its full message.

After Midnight

She takes the razor and
slices it across her wrist,
several times,
just deep enough to draw blood,
watches, fascinated,
as the first beads well up,
run down her arm, gather momentum.
She holds the arm to the light,
a present, a red trophey,
licks the blood, savoring it,
remembering how she tastes.
Then she walks to the bedroom
and dials her boyfriend,
tells him to come over, quick

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